AW@L Radio -2018-03-09 - Anarchist Centre Attacked after Anti-Gentrification March.

on today's show we update folks on the anti-gentrification march in Hamilton which took place on March 3rd 2018, and subsequent vandalism against an anarchist space in #HamOnt, "The Tower". also discussed is the recent rise in right-wing violence and vandalism.


listen here: AW@L Radio -2018-03-09 - Anarchist Centre Attacked after Anti-Gentrification March.

the show starts with a reading of "Ungovernables and Yuppie Tears: A Saturday night on Locke St" which is a first-person account of the 30 person anti-gentrification march which smashed through a gentrified neighbourhood in Hamilton's Southwest.

next up is a reading of the statement from "The Tower", an anarchist space in Hamilton who had their windows broken, bookshelves flipped, and doors kicked in, during two incidences in the days after the Locke St smash up.

the show closes with a read of a piece from looking at a recent uptick in right-wing violence and vandalism against left and anarchist spaces. the three highlighted attacks are from a radical bookstore in Berkley, a student run social space at the university of California in San Diego, and the attacks on the Tower in Hamilton.

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