AW@L Radio – 2017-09-15 – Line 10 Pipeline Sabotaged and Protested in Ontario

A movement celebrating a diversity of tactics is hitting Enbridge's Line 10 pipeline with a new wave of resistance with direct sabotage and ongoing protest.


Listen: AW@L Radio – 2017-09-15 – Line 10 Pipeline Sabotaged and Protested in Ontario 

As the fight to stop Line 10 continues in Southern Ontario, Anarchists have claimed responsibility for sabotaging new pieces of the pipeline which were waiting to be installed. In a post on – Into the Trenches ( – Anarchists claim that over the past while they've had moonlight strolls in the pipeline's right-of-way with a powered drill and a quality bit, and have drilled holes and poured corrosive liquid into the pipe sections.

Vice News was the first to pick up on this communique and for some reason, reporter Hilary Beaumont decided to present a divide and conquer story, when the truth is a movement accepting that diversity of tactics is the only way forward.


After a tune from Byron (Swamp Line 9), we read the street protest movement which continues to demand an end to the #line 10 expansion, and a permanent shut down of the line. Most recently concerned residents held a protest (while this show was being recorded) demanding Enbridge stop work on the pipeline as the planned removal of thousands of trees gets underway (


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