AW@L Radio - 2018-04-17

1. callout to resist Quebec 2018 G7 from - 2. update on #LetLucyStay and #BringLucyBack - 3. right-wing targeted harassment of Nora Loreto

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on this edition of AW@L Radio:

1.  press release from announcing actions against the G7 meetings in Quebec, june 7-9th.  The release includes calls for a day of disruption of the summit as well as a festive collective march against the G7, extraction industries, and borders.
(just the press release audio is also available here)
2.  an update on the #LetLucyStay campaign working to free migrant rights activist and Montreal mother Lucy Francineth Granados from her imprisonment by the canadian border services agency.  
in the early morning of April 13th, "Friends and Neighbours of Lucy Granados" blockaded the detention centre  that Lucy was being held in, ending their action after being informed Lucy had been smuggled away and deported.
time to work to #BringLucyBack.
3. an organised campaign of targeted harassment commenced after journalist Nora Loreto made a reasonable observation about the selective empathy of canadians following the horrific death of 16 people on the "Humboldt Bronco's hockey bus after it was involved in a crash with a tractor trailer.
music includes: 
Test Their Logik - "G8/G20 Crash the Meetings"
Pua Fe Trio - "Borders"
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