AW@L Radio - 2018-06-29 - Animal Cruelty Whistleblower Malcolm Klimowicz

On this episode of AW@L Radio we are joined by animal-cruelty and fur-farm whistleblower Malcolm Klimowicz to discuss his arrest and censoring, his work with the campaign, and the first day of the #minktrial, which is scheduled for July 5th 2018.

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Malcolm also shares how people can support his legal defense and stay updated on the actions of the Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance (KOALA).  Among much else, we discuss the importance of intersectional approaches to activism, the promotion the corporate normalisation of veganism, and the recent citywide fur-sale ban in San Francisco.


In 2017, shocking evidence of animal cruelty  was video recorded at several Ontario mink fur farms, including one directly linked to the university of Guelph. Exposed were the horrifying conditions mink are forced to live and die in for the fashion industry. The videos, submitted as evidence to the Ontario SPCA showed dead and injured animals with untreated open wounds, overcrowding of animals in filthy feces encrusted cages, sludge pits of urine, maggot infested food, and other criminal mistreatment of animals. The OSPCA investigated the farms but chose not prosecute the criminal acts of these farm owners due to alleged legal technicalities.


While the videos were used in news stories across canada and around the world, mink fur farm owners from Enniskillen, Ontario are using a section the break and enter criminal code -- which states that it is illegal to be present where penned animals are kept -- to have a person who took the videos charged criminally.


To clarify - no property was damaged and not even a door was opened to obtain these videos yet this whistleblower is facing B & E felony charges  for Exposing the cruelty of the fur farm industry.


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