AW@L Radio - 2019-05-10 - Julian Ichim Arrested as Robin Hood

An quick interview with long-time community activist and organiser Julian Ichim in which we get an update about Julian's current legal situation and the ongoing overdose prevention and tent city campaigns.


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Up on charges related to identity and fraud, Julain Ichim was accused of being a modern day Robin Hood by the state. While denying the charges, Julian understands why someone would take such actions while living in an unjust system and calls for all tactics to be deployed when defending communities against neo-liberal capitalism, status quo politicians, and fascistic societal  elements.

We get an update to Julian's court case and we speak on the ongoing tent city and overdose prevention site campaigns going on in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Julian notes that as polticians are dragging their feet or simply failing to provide adequate  social programs in the face of intersecting crises, those most impacted by the inaction can not wait and will organise themselves.  


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