AW@L Radio - For a Free and United Ireland: Ongoing Anti-Colonial Struggles

Anti Colonialist Working Group member Julian Ichim interviews 32CSM Chairman Francis Mackey about the impacts of British Occupation on the 6 Counties in N. Ireland as well as the political resistance.

May 27th, 2014 -- On this issue if AW@L Radio, KW Radio Basics host Julian Ichim chats with Francis Mackey about present situation in Ireland with a focus on the impact of the occupation and resistance. Topics covered include the attempts of British forces to rewrite history through attacking the collective memory of the Irish people, British policing in The Six Counties and the need for unity in the face attempts by the crown to criminalize political dissent.

Francis Mackey is the Chair of The 32CSM, whose aims and goals are to struggle for a unified 32 County Ireland free from political economic and cultural domination by Britain. As such The 32CSM as a poltical organization has faced severe political repression ranging from its members being interned in jail to constant harrasment. Despite this they have continued there political work and are attempting to break the silence on the realities of the occupation.


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