AW@L Radio - Smash The State Report: Jan 25, 2013

support the hunger strike at Penetang prison then listen to news about Honduran mining laws, Mapuche resistance, resource extraction plans in NA, pissed off scientists + more!

From the January 25th 2013 edition of AW@L Radio - The show starts with the last few verses of Chumbawumba'sDigger's Song then goes to an interview with David Cedeño is a 29-year-old father who has been at the "Penetang prison" for 18 months. David suffers from sleep apnea and has requested treatment for this medical reality. While the did buy David a sleep apnea machine, they still refuse to treat him with respect, the staff at the Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) have been holding David in segregation since September 2012.  The piece was published as its own podcast here, but was included on AW@L Radio to maximize its exposure.  On facebook, a page has been set up for David.

Following, we have a piece from mining watch which has sent the word that a dangerous new mining law is passed by the devious post-coup government in Honduras, with the support of CIDA.  The new law, made with support from canadian mining companies destroys the ability of communities to have input over land use decision until deals are already signed, and the government is confined by Free Trade Agreement clauses (think chapter 11 of NAFTA).

Farther south, and in follow up to past notes about Mapuche country, the WCCC reports that the chilean state has biseaged Mapuchean lands and have burned down a community school in retaliation in the death of an estate owner.  Mapuchean people will now set up territorial control with roadblocks of all strange vehicles.  Also reported is the guilty verdict in the colonial courts in the case of a community Werken (spokesperson).

Coming back up north we mention a few articles and interviews that provide good coverage and analysis of resource extraction in north america.  We start with Aaron Lakoff's piece entitled Plan Nord Be Damned! looking into successive quebec government plans for mega-development on Indigenous lands in the north of the province.  We then move to 4 pieces on pipelines with 3 on Line 9 in particular.  The first is an Alternatives Journal blog by Paisley Cozzarin of Stop the Tar Sands KW called Blocking the arteries of the tar sands.  Second is a call for action on January 26th in the northeast of north america against Line 9, with actions in portland maine, toronto, montreal, and waterloo among others.  Third is a piece from called Ethical Enbridge? The Truth about Line 9 and the tar sands Gigaproject

We close the pipeline chat with an announcement from the Sierra club that they will end their moratorium on civil disobedience to participate in anti-pipeline actions later in february.  And with that we cut to the Coup with The Land of 7 Billion Dances.


And a piece from earth first news from pissed off scientists: the earth is fucked, begin resistance now! which looks into an american geophysicists union conference and a a few presentations which included the warming idea that "we can have a managed path to lower emissions, or we can do it by misery".  We here at AW@L Radio hope that the scientists will put either their bodies or their cheque books up for the revolution!

We then mention the new undertaking to build a broadbased movement to honour treaty agreements and defend the land from industrial colonialism - the Port Elgin Proposal.  The piece is read on the Daily GRRR! earlier in the week.  A part of that coalitions work will be focused no doubt on the dangers posed by nuclear radiation and developments.  Thankfully, folks in toronto have been gearing up and on Feb 3 are planning to shut down the hitachi GE uranium processing plant in Landsdowne and will have the support from the committee for future generations out in northern sasketchewan as they do so!

We then read a piece from Heather Menzies on calling  Idle No More is an historic opportunity for alliance building and perhaps a model for the broadbased coalition mentioned above.  The piece goes into the need to revive the language of the earth and come together through an understanding of all of our deep histories' rooted in the land and the ongoing grassroots resistance to preserve those roots.  Again, this piece calls for settlers to educate themselves on treaty responsibilities and the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, while calling for unions, the Council of Canadians, environmentalists, and faith groups to join together and decolonise.

Staying with Idle No More we mention a piece by Tobold Rollo called Great White Father knows best, a piece on white privilege and oblivious old white men.

Next up, dan goes off on the awful decision by the ontario municipal board (OMB) to overrule the region of waterloo's efforts to stop urban sprawl and protect surrounding forests, moraines, and farmland from suburban development.  The OMB decided that the regions 83 ha allotment was insufficient for future developments and sided with developers who push the isea that 1000+ ha are needed to grow.  Dan once again calls for a BC style land registry, the redevelopment of brownfield sites within the community in a non-gentrifying manner (such as the old dominion electric factory on Duke St  in kitchener which is one of the top 10 polluted sites in canada).  Dan also questioned whether the Haudenosaunee Development Institute was consulted on this decision as waterloo region is on the haldimand tract, the land of the Haudenosaunee of the Grand River.


We then jump the atlantic for two pieces from egypt where the black bloc has come out in force as anarchists proclaim their space in the egyptian revolution.  Calling fro "Life, Freedom, and Social Justice" actions ranged from firebombing offices of repressive state actors, swarming the Suez Canal and shutting down the worlds most important canal, to fighting the police, and more!  The Green Eagle Ultras were calling for a just verdict in the soccer stadium massacre from last year as they took the Suez canal with fireworks as other groups took the stock market in Cario and shut down the subway system.


Closing out we call for folks to sign the petition to block Sun TV from getting tax dollar funding for their racist drivel, then tell people to listen to an awesome interview with Dylan Powell of Marineland Animal Defence from animal voices in toronto, as well as check out the #2Row march in st Catherines on feb 2 and the uranium plant shutdown on the 3rd.

end with the magic clap by the coup!



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