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The Daily GRRR! HEADLINES for Dec. 10th, 2014. 1. Another killer cop walks free. Will Brooklyn burn? Should Brooklyn burn? 2. Chairman Omali Yeshitela at press conference in front of St. Pete police stationUhuruNews. 3. Build white solidarity with the African liberation struggle! 4. Ferguson reignites Black Liberation Movement inside U.S. borders!

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Today’s feature is a discussion with Martin Rafferty of the 32CSM


We will begin today with headlines:

The Daily GRRR! HEADLINES for Dec. 10th, 2014

1. Another killer cop walks free. Will Brooklyn burn? Should Brooklyn burn?

2. Chairman Omali Yeshitela at press conference in front of St. Pete police station

3. Build white solidarity with the African liberation struggle!

4. Ferguson reignites Black Liberation Movement inside U.S. borders!


1. Another killer cop walks free. Will Brooklyn burn? Should Brooklyn burn? Another killer cop walks free. Will Brooklyn burn? Should Brooklyn burn?
African Internationalist Security Team (BLACK FIST)
Published Dec 4, 2014

Brooklyn, NY—It's rush hour in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Africans are bustling about, scrambling for transportation to get home to their loved ones to have dinner, do homework, watch TV or do whatever it is that they plan to do after work and school.

This day is slightly different. The police are out in stronger force than usual, no doubt in anticipation of an uprising against a criminal system that let another pig get away with murdering an African.

Thus, it is hard to get a dollar cab, the standard mode of transportation across the major thoroughfare that is known as Church Avenue. The dollar cabs have been outlawed by the capitalist-colonialist state, tho the people still make use of them.

One sister who was fortunate enough to catch a dollar cab is an African woman from Haiti. Upon jumping in the cab she cries out in a thick Creole accent "the police are trying to start a war with the black people!" She is referring to the most recent statement made by the U.S. court system that police have a right to kill black people without consequence.

Eric Garner's murderers are free

Just two hours before that sister made that statement, the U.S. government announced that it will once again allow its police forces to get away with murdering an African. In this case the African’s name was Eric garner.

The sister from Haiti was correct. The police have gone too far, and for the first time since the Black Power Movement of the 1960s, the question of armed struggle against the colonial police in this country has found its way into discussion amongst the masses.

Not just in response to Eric Garners murder, but Mike Brown and the countless other Africans who are murdered daily by the police in this country.

If there was a legitimate debate as to whether or not this system was capable of providing justice for African people, it may be necessary to go into the details of the grand jury proceedings that led to the decision to let Eric garners killers walk free.

At this point, after seeing pig after pig after pig walk free, it is crystal clear that the grand jury investigation was nothing more than a formality held for the benefit of the ruling class media to legitimize the U.S. judicial process and make it appear as though it is capable of bringing justice to African people.

The reality is that over the last 500 years of colonial domination experienced by African people in the U.S. and worldwide, there has never been a situation in which the system has condemned itself for the murder of African people.

In New York City alone, there cannot be found one case of an African killed by police that has resulted in justice for that African or the African community.

Amadou Diallo, Timothy Stansbury Jr, Sean Bell, Patrick Dorismond, Kimani Grey, Shantel Davis, Ramarley Graham, the list goes on. None gave received justice.

Now it is brother Eric Garner, a father and a husband who was choked to death by the pigs after trying to break up a fight between two Africans.

In each case the "struggle" for justice has been led by the traitor named Al Sharpton, an FBI agent by his own admission. In each case Sharpton has told the people to be calm and allow the authorities to lead the process of obtaining justice.

Usually, as in the case of Sean Bell, that process would result in the local courts letting the pigs walk and then seeking intervention from the federal courts, only to be handed the same verdict.

So, when the Haitian woman said the cops are trying to start a war with African people, she was correct in a way. The reality is that the U.S. government has been waging a war against African people for 500 years.

In fact, African people are in the U.S. and in Haiti as a consequence of that war. We were stolen from Africa and held in captivity in places like Haiti and America as a means of exploiting our labor and stealing our resources.

More than that, we were robbed of our right to be self-governing people in control of our own lives. The assassination of a young African man by a gang of NYPD thugs and its sanctioning by the U.S. court system is evidence of the fact that we have no power over our lives.

As this article is being written there is political action happening in the streets of Manhattan, which is good. Such action, in general, is coming in the form of criticism of the recent grand jury ruling to let Eric Garner’s killers walk free.

However, the critical question at this point is not whether Eric’s death or even the exoneration of his killers is an injustice. The critical question is what it will take to stop the pigs from murdering African people.

Completing the struggle

In order to arrive at the correct conclusion we must understand the historical and political basis of police brutality in the black community.

We African Internationalists, followers of Omali Yeshitela and the African People's Socialist Party, understand that police murder and brutality is a natural consequence of an oppressive and parasitic relationship that the U.S. government has always had with African people.

It is a consequence of colonialism, a situation in which a foreign and hostile power of one oppressor nation dominates over the entire economic and political life of the oppressed nation.

The police are an arm of this colonial power. Their function is to keep Africans, Mexicans and other colonized peoples locked into this economically and politically oppressive relationship with the gun. The role of the police in African communities like Ferguson and Brooklyn is no different than the role of the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There is no grand jury in this country that will change this reality, just as there is no grand jury in Afghanistan that will stop the Marines from murdering the people there.

Contrary to what Obama and his crew of neocolonial gangsters say, body cameras will not stop the police from murdering us either. Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Rodney King, Oscar Grant and a slew of other dead Africans were on video. The pigs who killed them are all alive and free.

The only effective option of struggle and resistance for the oppressed is the acquisition of power over the oppressor.

Therein lies the significance of the call made by the African People's Socialist Party for black community control of police. Such is a demand for power.

The African Internationalist Security Team (BLACK FIST) unites with the call for black community control of police. Further, we understand that even as marches, sit-ins and demonstrations should and will be held, the struggle against police brutality in the black community will ultimately be won when the army responsible for the brutality has been defeated.

Therefore, the BLACK FIST has determined to organize the African community to build the capacity to fight back and resist.

In the final analysis, African Internationalist security is not simply a question of preparation for military confrontation with the enemies of African people.

African Internationalist security is about building and defending the capacity for African people to have the things we need to reproduce life and to be free and live on our own terms.

Such security will require economic development. As stated in point number two of the APSP Platform; " We want the rights to economic development and creative and productive employment which promote the needs and well-being of our entire people.”

Such security will require political defense of the right for Africans to bear arms—to be used on defense of our oppressed and terrorized communities.

Such security will require training in the usage of such weaponry.

Most importantly, such capacity will require political education amongst the entire community with the purpose of politically uniting the entire community in the revolutionary task of liberating the entire African nation and transforming society, destroying all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Build the BLACK FIST!
Build the African Peoples Socialist Party!

2. Chairman Omali Yeshitela at press conference in front of St. Pete police station
On December 4, 2014, Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party, spoke at a press conference regarding the upcoming forum the Uhuru Movement is holding in St. Petersburg, Florida asking the question "Ferguson: Could or should it happen here?" The forum will occur Sunday, December 7 at 4pm Eastern Time at the Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave S.
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3. >Build white solidarity with the African liberation struggle! Build white solidarity with the African liberation struggle!
Come to the African People's Solidarity Committee National Conference, Jan. 11-12, 2015 in St. Petersburg, FL
African People's Solidarity Committee
Published Dec 3, 2014

The African People’s Solidarity Committee calls on white people everywhere to take action in the face of the profound crisis of U.S. imperialism, the enemy of the majority of humanity.

We cannot leave to the next generation the hideous conditions of war, suffering, poverty and devastation against oppressed peoples inside the U.S. and around the world.

The future of this crumbling system is bleak for the ruling class, but for all those who have suffered the ravages of imperialist terror for the past 600 years, the crisis represents a new beginning in the struggle for a just world in which all humanity can live in peace and prosperity!

Today’s crisis reflects the desperation of this parasitic social system which terrorizes and exploits the majority of the world for our benefit, an untenable situation that many of us find unbearable.

As the beneficiaries of hundreds of years of slavery, genocide and economic exploitation that make up the foundation of the capitalist system, white people have an opportunity and a responsibility to be part of this historic struggle for social transformation led by oppressed and colonized peoples.

APSC was formed by the African People’s Socialist Party in 1976 as a strategic front of the African Liberation Movement with the mission to organize other Euro-Americans to struggle for black power inside the belly of imperialist white power.

Black power is the no-oppression power, the power that ends the system of workers and bosses, oppressors and the oppressed.

In the year 2015–600 years after the first Portuguese slave ship landed on the coast of Africa– it is time to stand up and join the fight to overturn the hideous legacy of slavery and imperialism that is simmering under the surface of life in the U.S.

APSC organizes for reparations to African people. We recognize our interest in ending our self-imposed isolation from the rest of humanity by taking responsibility for our history of violent white complicity in this government’s terror against African and other oppressed peoples, whose stolen labor and resources form the basis of our lifestyle and opportunities.

Under the leadership of the African Liberation Movement we can turn loose our allegiance to colonialism and imperialism and stand with the oppressed, the key to the future of the planet!

With workshops and presentations on the key political questions of our time, the APSC national conference is an opportunity for us to begin to see the world through the eyes of the oppressed and to find out how to get organized in the fight for genuine social justice and reparations.

Unite with oppressed peoples and nations across the planet and inside this country who are locked in a life-or-death resistance against the violence, exploitation and terror of this blood-sucking social system.

Join humanity in ending Obama’s brutal global wars, not by simply calling for “peace,” but by supporting victory to oppressed peoples everywhere–including inside the U.S.–whose resistance is responsible for this crisis of imperialism.

Fight to end racism, once and for all—the ideological foundation of the system that colonizes African people inside this country and around the world—by standing in solidarity with the anti-colonial African Liberation Movement, led by African people themselves in a struggle that strikes at the jugular vein of capitalism built on slavery, genocidal violence and colonialism.

Take a stand against the police murders that turn African communities into war zones every day in this country. Unite in solidarity with the resistance of African people in Ferguson, MO demanding “Not One More Black Life!”

We can and must play our role in ending this deathly system that has plagued the planet for so long for our benefit.

Build the worldwide movement for reparations to African people, not only from the U.S. and European governments, but from all of us in the white community who have benefited from the centuries of colonial oppression of African people.

Join the African People’s Solidarity Committee on January 11 and 12, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida for our national conference featuring a keynote presentation by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess.

Register today!

4. Ferguson reignites Black Liberation Movement inside U.S. borders! Ferguson reignites Black Liberation Movement inside U.S. borders!
Published Nov 30, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri, November 24, 2014

Nov. 25. It’s on!

The re-emergence of the black liberation movement in this country became evident to the world last night following the announcement by St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCullough of the Grand Jury’s decision to let killer cop Darren Wilson walk for the murder of 18 year old Mike Brown on August 9.

Since the day of Brown’s murder the African community of Ferguson has responded with the tenacious and heroic resistance that continues even as this article gets posted.

Speaking as if he were Wilson’s defense attorney, McCullough delivered a long, rambling monologue on national TV that gave legal justification for the murder of yet another young African on the streets of America.

Full of lies, deceit and disrespect for African life McCullough’s statement pandered to every white nationalist cliché that criminalizes African people and blames us for our oppression.

Legal justification for African oppression is not new. Slavery was legal and all our attempts to escape slavery were considered criminal by our slave masters who made us pay a price in unspeakable violence and brutality when we resisted.

Monday’s Grand Jury decision in St. Louis County was nothing but a reiteration of the Dred Scott Decision, ruled by a court in St. Louis in 1857 that stated that African people have no rights that white people are bound to respect.

It’s clear that African people are colonized in a country whose wealth and power are built on capturing Africans from our homeland, stealing our labor and everything we have.

As the narrative to control the Grand Jury decision was being laid out in the media last night, crowds of African people and others gathered in the streets of Ferguson.

Before the lying broadcast came to an end the people were attacked by the militarized police that had been shored up with a hundred FBI agents and at least 300 National Guardsmen.

In response Africans fought back the cops, setting police cars on fire with the kind of resistance that drew the attention and solidarity of other oppressed peoples from around the world and shed light on the brutal existence imposed on the colonized African community here in the US.

The courageous resistance of African people in Ferguson forced the white ruling class to have to deal with the fact that the police murder of Mike Brown is not unusual.

The Ferguson resistance exposed the colonial reality that African people are gunned down by the occupation police every day in this country.

Since the police murdered Mike Brown hundreds of others have been killed, including 12 year old Tamir Rice gunned down on a Cleveland playground last Saturday.

High School student Vonderritt Myers was murdered by police in St. Louis October 9, two months to the day of the murder of Mike Brown.

In the news is the case of Eric Garner whose death by police chokehold was captured on video in Staten Island in July, and the recent police execution of Akai Gurley, 28, shot and killed in a stairwell of his Brooklyn apartment building.

There are so many cases of police violence against us: from Oscar Grant in Oakland to Sean Bell in New York; from Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, to Tayvon Grayson in Orlando; from Aiyana Jones, 7, murdered by police in Detroit to Katherine Jonhston, 92, gunned down by cops in Atlanta, the police are on a murdering rampage in African communities—a rampage no different to the US marines in Iraq, Afghanistan bringing shock and awe.

The resistance of African people in Ferguson was similar to the fierce resistance that rose up in St. Petersburg in 1996 after 18-year-old TyRon Lewis was shot and killed during a traffic stop just three blocks from our Party’s national headquarters.

A Grand Jury exonerated the killer cops just three weeks after the murder. On the day of the Grand Jury decision, over 300 militarized police forces attacked the Uhuru House during a regularly scheduled community meeting. The St. Petersburg police dumped all of the tear gas in the city into the hall and set the trees at the back of the building on fire in an assault meant to wipe out Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the Uhuru Movement.

That night young Africans fought back the cops and took down a police helicopter forcing the occupying army into a retreat.

In his Grand Jury testimony, released yesterday, killer cop Darren Wilson described the area he was patrolling as a “hostile, anti-police environment” with an influx of “gang and drug activity,” the code word for the criminalization of the African community where Brown was doing nothing more than walking in a residential street.

The Grand Jury always carries out what the prosecutor wants to happen and always backs the police.

The only solution for African people is to fight for community control of the police. We need to build a national movement in every city to be able to control this armed colonial force terrorizing our communities. We need real power to hire and fire the police in our communities and the ability to prosecute those who murder our people.

Black community control of the police!

Not one more black life!

Reparations for the family of Mike Brown and all Africans murdered by this colonial police

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Feature:Todays Feature is a discussion with 32CSM member Martin Rafferty