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The Daily GRRR! HEADLINES for Nov. 26th, 2014. 1. What does Conestoga College have to hide? 2. International guest refused departing rights. 3. Its hard to speak your mind. 4. International Msgs To 32CSM.
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Welcome, I am your host Julian Ichim and you are listening to The Daily GRRR International Solidarity News on 100.3fm, CKMS in Waterloo, Ontario. on the web, today is Nov. 26th, 2014.

We are broadcasting from the centre of the Haldimand Tract, the occupied Grand River Territory of the Six Nations (Haudenosaunee).

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Today’s feature is/will focus on/look into/investigate/highlight/be an interview with/ be a discussion with Gary Donnelly)


We will begin today with headlines:

The Daily GRRR! HEADLINES for Nov.26th, 2014

1. What does Conestoga College have to hide?

<2. International guest refused departing rights

3. Its hard to speak your mind

4. International Msgs To 32CSM


1. What does Conestoga College have to hide? What is Conestoga College Trying To Hide #JFTC2 25 NOV Today at 9 am I was to speak at Conestoga College to a group of students about my activism. My one request was that beside myself a speaker from The North Of Ireland was to accompany me and speak(via phone) about the situation over there particularly about the case of the Craigavon Two. This was approved by the Prof. et al and a recording of myself and Packy Carty was made and played for the students. Today Angela Nelson a councilor from Lisburn, Belfast was suppose to join me and bring up the facts of this case. After being rung and told to show up one hour early I arrived at the campus to find out that this was not to be as a decision was taken at the highest level to not allow this to happened. This decision is clearly an attempt to stop students from learning the reality of what is going on in the Occupied Six Counties, particularly around the case of the Craigavon Two which is a clear cut miscarriage of justice aimed to criminalize and demonize all those who would seek to engage in political discussion about an end to the Occupation. Why is Conestoga College, a place of learning co-towing to those who seek to stop the exchange of opinions and information? Why are they bowing down to those who seek to censor information from reaching the students whom they are suppose to be educating? Why is the only opinion that is allowed to reach the people of this territory the pro occupation home rule opinion. What is so dangerous about letting the students know that internment and miscarriage of justices are still happening in the occupied Six Counties? All students who have been denied this opportunity should be outraged that the powers that be feel that they should be spoon fed information and told what to hear and what not to hear. Colleges and universities should be places of learning not censorship and what happened this morning is a clear example of the later.

2. International guest refused departing rights An international guest who was invited over to Ireland to attend the 32 County Sovereignty Movement’s Ard Fheis has today been refused departing rights from Ireland by United States authorities operating out of Dublin Airport. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn these actions which are politically motivated and designed to stop us from garnering international support for our legal submission lodged at the United Nations and also to stop us highlighting Britain’s ongoing violation of Irish national Sovereignty. The 32CSM would like to thank the person in question for their attendance and hope that they have a safe and uninterrupted flight home. Beir Bua

3. Its hard to speak your mindSo i entered Dublin Airport, checked in my bags and what not, grabbed myself a triple americano and chained smoked three ciggys, I went on facebook, then started to go through customs, after going through a few places I ended up at US pre clearing, they ran my passport and told me to enter a room, there were three people other then me in there and they seemed to be getting through despite them having records or what not, so I felt grand, then I saw them bring in my luggage and mention a section of the code, which later turns out to be very relevant. They called my name, and asked what I was doing in Ireland, to which I replied chatting with friends and having a craic, to which they asked if i have ever been arrested, to which I answered truthfully, they asked about the chocolate milk and conspiracy stuff then told me that I was denied entry under this section, which is not about criminal records but something much more insidious. I asked for my luggage at that point and to get out but they told me that I was on U$ soil and as such homeland security was detaining me for questioning. I asked to call a lawyer but was denied this right. They put me in a wee little room, took my finger prints and mugshot. After that the lad said he was with homeland security and started to ask me various questions, all of which I answered no comment, except to state that this was political and I also gave a cheecky answer at some point in time. For the majority of this time I was denied the right to use the washroom except once , before the interrogation. They kept up ripping up the questions and asked them again, and though I was looking bored, as one should, I was like fuck, no one knows i’m here everyone thinks im flying back home, they can through me away and none would be wiser. Tghis little charade went on for quite some time, after which they were finally satisfied with boring me by asking the same stuff over and over. Homeland security then began to go through my luggage photocopying and photographing everything, including my perscriptions medical history bus tickets etc. When they came to glasswork of Stalin that was given to me the guys face turned run and I couldn’t help but start laughing. They asked me then about why I have some of the tablets I have and the one guy was like let me guess no comment, to which I continued to try to hide a shit eating grin. After this they said I could either withdraw my request to enter or there would be more. Given the shitty conditions in which i was held and the fact that no one knew I was there I decided to withdraw the application, as the alternative would have been detention by homeland security for much longer, possibly even to bring me in front of an american judge (if it works the same there as here). I was then handed over to the Irish immigration, which stated that I have two days to leave and sort out a way back home. They took my picture and released me. After this I looked at my passport and they wrote some wierd code which i still haven’t figured out what it means. Given the way I was treated as soon as they ran my passport and such it became clear to me that this detention was not only political but a continuation of the attempts to get the truth out about what is going on in the Six Counties. This attempt has backfired on them as I spent the nioght chatting with community members from sword about the craic with the water etc. I will be writing all I learned over the next few days and resist this attempt to criminalize politics and silence the truth

4. International Msgs To 32CSM ACWG STATEMENT TO THE 32CSM Ard Fhies 15 NOV Comrades and Friends We send you revolutionary greetings at this important event and wish you success with your deliberations, we also send greetings to your leadership and prisoners as well as all locked in the belly of the beast due to their belief in an united Ireland. Here in occupied turtle island we will continue our support for your struggle despite whatever attempts the state will use to silence your msg. The attacks and criminalization of the 32CSM by the KKKanadian state which has refused entry into this territory to your members is a result of the work that has been done over the last view years and the attempts of the anglo american alliance to stop the creation of dialogue and discussion among all those fighting colonialism and supporting a united Ireland. Despite this your msg still got out to various fighting forces and those representing country’s such as the Venezuelan like the consul who refused to be intimidated by the slander that you are terrorist demanding that the tri color be flown at the event and that the 32CSM msg take the place it rightfully belongs front and centre. As a result of the fallout many so called republican who sing up the ra in bars and such have become silent and have disappeared, which in many ways is a strength not a weakness, for better they leave now then at a crucial moment, yet our friends the steelworkers who built this city to those struggling against colonialism on turtle island and abroad have rallied and closed ranks. Over the next year we will intensify this work, restructure and re organize and create a mass organization unifying all that can be unified against colonialism. We will further strengthen our friendship and support with the 32CSM and hold high that flag in defense of the nation. TAL Victory Belongs to the people!!!!!! COMMENTS Leave a Comment CATEGORIES Uncategorized Statement from the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defence Front at the 32CSM Ard Fhies 15 NOV To The Members and Friends of The 32CSM Greetings in struggle to you and the Irish People resisting Colonialist rule.We From The HCPDF stand with you in Solidarity as well as with your people fighting for self determination.The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front condemns the attempts of the canadian government to silence your message while at the same time welcome with open arms those who seek to attack and destabilze the bolivarian revolution simply because the venezuelan people have chosen to determine their own destiny. Like your struggle to build a society free from British domination we too seek to build a society based on self determination, freedom and social justice where all the children of Latin America can have a future and a homeland to call their own free from US intervention and their puppets who seek to promote violence for the sake of making venezuela a playground for the yankee interests. Over the next year we seek to strenghthen ties between our organizations and continue to build mutual aid and solidarity. Long Live The Bolivarian Revolutiom Long Live Maduro Long Live a Free and United Ireland COMMENTS Leave a Comment CATEGORIES Uncategorized Statement from Katrina Kozarek from the Ataroa Socialist Commune in Venezuela at the 32CSM Ard Fhies 15 NOV In sight of the unfortunate situation that has not allowed for a more profound form of communication we send saludos and solidarity from the Venezuela Bolivariana from our trenches where we are battling and organizing day by day to build the communal state that forms an integral part of the Venezuelan model of Socialism, socialism of the 21st century. Currently, we are in an offensive against the economic sabotage created by Transnational Corporations and the Venezuelan elite that has threatened to destabilize the national economy and social structure for the last using the same tactics as used in the Coup d tat Chile in 1973, with corporate hoarding and speculation of basic food, medicine and toiletry products among other strategies. From the popular power together with the revolutionary government we are working actively to create networks of production and distribution in hands of the organized communities as our only guarantee of creating a truly sovereign economy liberated from the interests of the national bourgeoisie, transnational corporations and imperialist powers. This has been a difficult struggle over the last few years that, even though it has not been an open combat, has cost the lives of many comrades, most recently the violent assassination of young national assembly deputy, and representative of the PSUV, Robert Serra by paramilitaries under the mandate and financing of Alvaro Uribe and the United States government, but others, campesinos, workers, indigenous and comrades have lost their lives, fighting to defend and deepen the venezuelan revolutionary process. In front of all odds, coup d tat, guarimbas, oil strikes, economic sabotage, even after the devastating loss of Cmte Chávez, the people have not stopped organizing their territories, taking over factories, building community media networks for a future where private media doesn´t exist, joining together with social movements from all of the Patria Grande to create a new political hegemony based on sovereignty, social and economic equality and international solidarity. We hope to continue expanding that unity with all countries and people that are struggling actively against imperialism and global capitalism