AW@L Radio - 2018-05-18 - Welcome Refugees, Resist Racists

for this AW@L Radio, we have a few updates about confronting racists and fighting for justice for all migrants, and an article along with audio on the outing of alt-right nazis. #EndImmigrationDetention #PunchNazis
- first up, a quick follow-up on the actions against WLU's platforming of noted racist and expired academic frances widdowson.  Here we read a statement from the Indigenous students association at WLU.
- next, a final call-out and update for the May 19th "Open the Border, Refugees Welcome!" demonstrations in quebec at the roxham road border crossing area as well the Lacolle border checkpoint.  at the last minute, and in a clear victory for the anti-racists, the far-right racists who were planning on rallying at roxham road have cancelled their event and plan to be near the Lacolle point instead.
for more info about the demo check:
- next is an update on Lucy Granados, a woman who was violently arrested by canadian border guards in montreal, then deported by cover of night (and through an opening cut into the detention center's fence) to guatamala. here we play a video (with english translation) from Lucy which was made ahead of mother's day and filmed in guatamala. #BringLucyBack
to see the video posted by sans frontieres montreal visit youtube:
- a rally and court support for Ebrahim Toure is planned for May 23rd in toronto.  Ebrahim has been in jail for 1915+ days, and has already won an important court case fighting to keep migrant detainees in maximum security prisons. at the rally in front of the court house, more than 2000 tulips will be presented in support of Ebrahim. #TulipsForToure #FreeEbrahimToure
for more visit:
- video from montreal counter-information featuring "the bear" who has been part of a group working to identify alt-right nazi scum-bags in montreal and area.
check the article and video here: 
- close the show with a quick preview of the article called: the racist podcast who started a neo-nazi coffee company to fund white nationalism.  the title is a pretty good description, but it should be noted that the nazi, thomas white, is based in and around thunder bay ontario, a noted hot bead for violent racism.
read the whole article here: 


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