AW@L Radio 2018-06-01 - Conservative Corruption, and Harm Reduction Voting (for the NDP)

with a provincial election in ontario on june 7th, this AW@L Radio highlights the corruption, bigotry, ignorance, and malice represented in the candidates for the conservative party. AW@L Radio host , dan kellar, also advocates for voting for the NDP as a harm reduction measure, to keep the dangerous policies of the conservatives and liberals out of power, and make life a little easier for everyone (but the rich).

listen here:


this episode is heavy on the content as they have done good work on covering the election, and exposing the hypocrisy and the dangers lurking in a doug ford government.


while the list of scum is long, we only have time to highlight so much so without further delay:


  1.  ontario PC candidate for flamborough-glanbrook, donna skelly, gave a special ‘shout out’ to the racist alt-right organisation "free bird media" at a christmas party for campus conservatives in hamilton last year. the former tv broadcaster allegedly said of the free bird media, a group who platform's some of the most vocal anti-immigrant racists, misogynists, neo-nazis, and other bigots in canada, "‘we need more media like this!’"

  1.  ontario PC candidate for sudbury, troy crowder, blames collapsing support on a secret media conspiracy that is being directed by premier wynne, to direct positive coverage to the ndp. The former hockey player says he knows this all exists because he has "seen the patterns".

  1.  doug ford's hand picked ontario PC candidate in windsor, mohammad latif, shared a theory where a secret "globalist" conspiracy of the "new world order" is trying to control the people through healthcare and education. the origin of this anti-semitic dog-whistle conspiracy theory has been widely debunked.



  1. ontario PC leader has been dog-whistling to the racists of the far-right, and one of the more outspoken bigots has clearly heard the message. On a recent google hangout with alt-right scum, longtime loser ronny cameron said  “we know what you’re sayin’, Dougie” in response to ford's comments that we should “take care of our own” before worrying about immigrants.

  1.  doug ford's hand picked ontario PC candidate in london, andrew lawton, thinks students and jewish groups should welcome debate about the holocaust because it is exciting.  the former podcaster for the rebel media also tried to blame nearly 10 years of bigotry and hatred on unspecified "mental health" issues. he has not offered a cowardly excuse for the past couple years of racism and sexism.

  1.  the same doug ford's hand picked ontario PC candidate in london, andrew lawton, thinks gender and racial discrimination should be allowed in the workplace.  this is not the failed racist speaking tour host's only bad take...

  1.  doug ford's hand picked ontario PC candidate in guelph, ray ferraro, says his party looks like a comedy of errors, and says he wishes doug ford was not the ontario PC party leader. the politician who was formerly good with doug ford reportedly told voters that he regrets christine elliott did not win the party leadership against ford.

  1.  many ontario PC candidates, including cambridge's belinda karahalios, would vote to take away a woman's right to bodily autonomy. the former unknown won the candidacy for her riding amid controversy of her husband's medlings.

  2. doug ford and ontario PC candidate in brampton centre, harjit jaswal, pictured with man at the centre of growing data-theft scandal. questions mount about 29 ontario PC candidates and if they accessed the stolen 407-user data to use for nefarious purposes during the election.

did #waterlooregion PC candidates access this list? did dan weber or mary henin thorne access illegal voter data in their efforts to take a seat in the provincial legislature?


  1. ontario PC candidate for waterloo, dan weber, was asked by grand river media collective newshound, @thedangerdingo if the PC's would be releasing a fully costed platform, at first dan weber did not respond, then dan weber lied. Do not be like dan weber folks.  renounce doug ford and concede the election before you are forever stained with the blight of his bigotry.


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