AW@L Radio - Smash the State Report: March 1, 2013

February in Review from + quebec student strike redux? Toronto G20 police repression goes international with 2 extradition arrests inthe US and more!!

From the March 1st 2013 edition of AW@L Radio - The shows starts with One Shoe from Geoff Berner then jumps into a read of the media co-op's february in review which features a few headlines from today's show.

Next up is a report from free speech radio news by Aaron Lakoff which reports on the break down of talks at the education summit in quebec and the demonstrations that followed  quebec premier marois's plan to raise tuition fees.

And just when you thought that G20 toronto news was over and done with, and that the police could not get any more petty, they go and have two american arrested Pending extradition,  Joel Bitar of New York and Dane Rossman of Tuscon arizona will be charged for their alleged involvement in embarrassing the canadian cops and their 1 billion dollar security operation as part of the black bloc and random rioters who smashed up banks and cops cars in june 2010.  To get extradition the cops claim that the actions endangered canadian citizens.  Support committees have been established for both Joel and Dane as they enter the canadian injustice system.

We have a musical interlude with Cambridge  signing 2010 (Problems This City's Got).

After missing the link between producing child porn and looking at it, right wing douchebag and mentor to stephen harper and much of the conservative right in canada, tom flanagan  is not going to be heard from much anymore.  As Karl Nerenberg explains for, and we read here - flanagan is now a persona non grata.

Two updates from Mapuche territory with the Futawillmapu Resistance claming a series of actions to to demand the freedom of the two Machi [Medicine healers] and 4 Conas of Pilmaiken jailed in Llancahue Prison in Valdivia.  This follows an escalation of repression against the indigenous Mapuche in so-called chile.  The WCCC in toronto is hosting an info night on march 9th (and march on march 8th) with "Kelly Pflug-Back’s Cross Klanada Book/Speaking Tour Launch of “THESE BURNING STREETS” and International Greek Anti-Fascist Speakers along with ABC toronto folks."


Next up is news that HudBay minerals is dropping its challenge against indigenous Mayans who are suing the company in canadian courts.  This victory for the guatamalan Mayans could lead to real precedent setting decisions in canadian courts in relation to canadian companies and their responsibilities for abuses that happen by them overseas.


We then roll into a double set of reads from the Daily GRRR! on the teacher labour struggle in ontario where union leaders have further distanced themselves from the rank-n-file by making important decisions without consultation with members.  Most recently union bosses announced to their members that they should start undertaking extra-curricular activities again, even though the ontario government took illegal action to force a contract on them, and teachers will get nothing extra for it.


finally we close with a little shout out to Indigenous Waves, a wikked show on CIUT every monday 4-5pm which celebrates indigenous cultures, as well as a call out to help in their fundraising campaign for future existence.



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