AW@L Radio - Smash the State Report: March 8, 2013

Five Americans under Toronto G20 squeeze for alleged smashy-smashy! Then military + police tax resistance in Canada, animal rights action in Kitchener, men's supremacy in Toronto, and the TPP

From the March 8th 2013 edition of AW@L Radio - Today's show starts with another article on American G20 arrestee Joel Bitar, this one from Alternet which looks at Bitar's battle against extradition to Canada for alledged property destruction during the G20 summit in June 2010 in Toronto. The article points to pressure on the Americans to extradite Bitar and other Americans wanted for political property destruction so that Canada will continue to extradite those wanted by American authorities (like Tre Arrow). 

This report leads into another piece which says 3 more americans have been charged with Toronto G20 vandalism, including one, Kevin Chinella, who they claim caused over 300 000$ in damage in a little over an hour and faces 53 charges. Chinella and Richard Dean Morano, who faces 14 charges, were extradited to canada with Morano being released to his mother on 80 000$ bail, while Chinella awaits in prison while a bail package is arranged.  Boston man Quinn McCormick turned himself in to Canadian authorities and has been released on bail. Tuscon man Dane Rossman remains in custody in Arizona while he awaits bail while he fights extradition to Canada for his alleged spree of G20 smashy-smashy!

And just in time for tax season... From fighting on the streets to fighting with your tax return, we go to concience canada who tell us to object on grounds of conscience to paying taxes that go towards warfare.  Dan supports not paying the military tax, and takes that idea to include not paying the portion of provincial and municipal taxes that go towards funding the expanding injustice system (cops and laws).  He notes that in Waterloo region, about 1/3 of the average tax bill goes towards policing, more than twice that of the next closest budget item (public transport), and more that 3 times the amount that goes towards social services.  While an obvious solution to get rid of "crime" is to fund social services and create personal security for each individual (healthy food, reliable shelter), these solutions would not keep the injustice system expanding.  Those with profit$ on their minds know as well that increasing levels of personal security for all will create a situation where people can spend their energies organising and fighting back instead of putting energy into basic survival.

We jump to Note To Self from Propagandhi for a little revolutionary rock.

Onto a little  action, several members of K.O.A.L.A. (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) held a demonstration opposing animal abuse at Little Ray’s (travelling) Reptile Zoo.  The so-called zoo which claims to be a rescue centre featured among other animals as a alligator with its mouth duct taped shut.  KOALA members handed out leaflets highlighting zoo abuse as well as info on real animal rescue centres in ontario.

And we jump from animal rights to the so-called mens rights, with an article published by Micheal Laxer of taking on the UofT's mens rights group CAFE.  Seemingly unaware of anti-oppression (or using it to try to keep male dominance...), CAFE claims misandry is on the rise with men being the targets of systemic discrimination.  The group, which highlighted on their website intimidation campaigns launched against women at UofT who have protested CAFE, now seeks to bring in right-wing islamaphobe Janet Fiamenco to town who claims feminism has turned from seeking equality to painting women as morally superior victims and men as oppressive and violent, and that feminist profs are all dogmatic about such views.

We go to a double set from Byron with Toughest Punk Rock Girls in the World follwed by Don't Trust the Boss. 

Finally, we go to a double news set on the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP) which is a proposed trade pact canada is looking to join. gives us a quick TPP run down including the announcement that the TPP's next round of meetings will be happening in Vancouver in july.  Next is a read of Stuart Trews article which delves into the issues of intellectual property rights and the TPP and how this agreement has been called-out by Medicines Sans Frontieres as an attack on access to cheap medication.  The article goes on to point to the proposed canadian-european trade deal which includes similar dangerous IPR measures which would create more profits for patent holders.  Well, if ya can't beat 'em, reform 'em!  Check out online actions you can take to counter the TPP.

We close the show with Police Man by the Tra La Las after reminding folks to check out the Daily GRRR! weekday morning from 9-10am on

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